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ZhuZhouYicheng Carbide CO.,Ltd

ZhuZhouYicheng Carbide CO.,Ltd

Zhuzhou yicheng carbide co., LTD. Is a modern enterprise committed to the research and development, production, sales of "high quality carbide" series of products. The main business hard alloy ball te...

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Start work well!2019,move on!

Start work well!2019,move on!

Congratulations on the website of ZhuZhouYicheng Carbide CO.,Ltd! ! !Save customers' costs at a favorable price and meet the needs of customers with professional services. We always adhere to the values of “Customer First, Care for Empl......

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Carbide processing precision tungsten steel production

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What is the difference between tungsten steel and hard alloy

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Carbide mold materials need to have four properties

答:1. Sufficient thermal stability: When continuous production, the temperature rise of the mold someti......

High temperature cemented carbide mold production and proces

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What are the hard alloys?

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Analysis: The development direction of powder injection mark

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What is special steel?

答:There is no uniform definition and concept for special steel. It is generally considered that specia......

Contact number:

139 7533 9860